Service Recommendations for the operation of Woomelly

In this guide, we will provide recommendations for services for the operation of Woomelly for WordPress. The plugin has been developed to not consume inefficient resources that could affect the performance of your store in WooCommerce. If you are not experiencing performance issues before installing Woomelly in your online store, you will not have them once you install the plugin.

Also, a limit of 5,000 items has been set, as this is the estimated number of products to ensure the correct operation of the tool and the configurations of the servers that host WooCommerce stores.


→ Service Recommendations for Woomelly
→ From which version of WooCommerce and WordPress does Woomelly work?
→ Mercado Libre Account
→ Scheduled Tasks (WordPress Cron Jobs)
→ Enable Mercado Libre IPs on the store server

Service Recommendations for Woomelly

The first step to start working with Woomelly is to set up an online store with the WooCommerce plugin in a WordPress environment. But before doing so, you must check your hosting environment (server). Like WooCommerce, we recommend (not limiting, but advisable):

It’s important to note that the PHP version lower than 7.3+ and MySQL version lower than 5.6 are no longer actively supported and many versions are at the end of their lifecycle and therefore are no longer maintained. As such, using outdated and unsupported versions of MySQL and PHP can expose your site to security vulnerabilities.

From which version of WooCommerce and WordPress does Woomelly work?

The Woomelly plugin depends on the WordPress environment and the WooCommerce plugin, therefore, just like mentions:

All extensions and themes sold on support the latest minor release of WooCommerce and WordPress core, and the previous two before that. The WooCommerce versions are in the SemVer format ( Major.Minor.Patch ) which started in version 3.0.0. For example, if the current version is 4.5.x then the oldest WooCommerce version we support is 4.3.x. Ideally, you are running the latest version of WooCommerce and are staying updated with the most secure version of WordPress.

This means, if you have an outdated version of WordPress or WooCommerce, there will be modules that will not work in the tool for that online store. Even, the 3.6.0 version has been the lowest of WooCommerce where the tool has managed to work and for WordPress it has been version 5.3. Currently, the Woomelly plugin is compatible with the WooCommerce version and the WordPress version indicated in it.

Mercado Libre Account

To be able to use the Woomelly plugin, the Mercado Libre account that is linked must have the administrator profile. In this way, it will have sufficient permissions to carry out consultations with Mercado Libre. If the account is an operator/collaborator user, the access will not be valid and you will not be able to use the tool.

Additionally, having a security change in the Mercado Libre account (like changing the password) will cause the current authorization to be lost, so you will have to do the same authorization procedure. The Woomelly plugin works for all Mercado Libre accounts (private, official store, etc.) and for any country included in the Mercado Libre platform.

Source: Authorization

Scheduled Tasks (WordPress Cron Jobs)

The Woomelly plugin uses WordPress scheduled tasks, some of which are vital for its operation. Therefore, the online store must have this functionality active, either the default scheduled tasks of WordPress or activate the scheduled tasks directly from the server (option widely used to improve performance to sites in WordPress). You can read this article for more information.

Enable Mercado Libre IPs on the store server

To avoid blocking errors with Mercado Libre, it is advisable to place Mercado Libre IPs on the server whitelist (escalate this request with hosting support) and enable the direct connection between the WooCommerce store and the Mercado Libre API (

  • All IPs related to

Source: Connection/ block.

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