Boost your productivity with all the Woomelly modules!

The Woomelly plugin comes with all these modules already incorporated once the tool is installed. Yes, it's incredible, we know!

WooCommerce to Mercado Libre Synchronizations

Export your WooCommerce products as Mercado Libre publications with just a few clicks. Additionally, take advantage of:

  • A fully configurable tool tailored to your needs. You can completely adapt the tool to work as you need it. Synchronize your pre-existing WooCommerce product data with a single click, or choose to use custom data exclusively for Mercado Libre. You are in control!
  • Category prediction. Thanks to compatibility with Mercado Libre’s automatic categorizer, you will never have to worry about classifying your products again. Let artificial intelligence do the work for you.
  • Always keep the data updated. Whether individually, by product groups, massively, or automatically, Woomelly allows you to synchronize all the data of your items efficiently and without complications. Your e-commerce always up to date!
  • Intelligent processes. For example: If a product runs out, the Mercado Libre publicaction is automatically paused. Avoid disappointing your customers with unavailable products and keep your store’s reputation intact.
  • Multiple products. If you wish, you can synchronize the variations as independent publications in Mercado Libre. If you wish, you can synchronize the variations of your products as independent publications on Mercado Libre. More options for your customers, more sales for you!
  • Compatibility with Mercado Libre’s catalog. No matter what you’re selling, Woomelly can handle it. Sell without limits!

Mercado Libre to WooCommerce Synchronizations

Are you afraid of losing your publications information in case of any eventualities with your Mercado Libre account? Then import your Mercado Libre publications as WooCommerce products and keep the data updated and secure in both sales channels. Also highlighting other features:

  • A fully configurable tool tailored to your needs. Imagine a tool that perfectly fits your needs, replicating all the information from your Mercado Libre publications as WooCommerce products. With Woomelly, you have full control to customize and optimize your online business.
  • Always keep the data updated. Synchronize individually, by product groups, massively, and automatically. Forget the stress of having to manually update every detail.
  • Intelligent processes. If a publication is paused or ended on Mercado Libre, our intelligent system automatically adjusts the product stock in WooCommerce, or it can even send it to the store’s trash. No more worries about lost sales or outdated inventory!
  • Compatibility with Mercado Libre’s catalog. Our tool is designed to work seamlessly with the Mercado Libre catalog. Now you can manage your business with the confidence of full compatibility.

Link Mercado Libre publications to existing WooCommerce products

With Woomelly it is also possible to relate Mercado Libre publications with existing WooCommerce products. It is only necessary to have the publication code and associate it with the WooCommerce product. Additionally:

  • Omit data you don not want to replicate. Do you want to update only the stock and price? No problem! With the Woomelly plugin, you can specifically choose which data you wish to synchronize, which means you have full control over the information that is replicated in your sales channels.
  • Massive actions. Why waste time modifying product by product? With Woomelly’s mass actions, you can make general changes, by Mercado Libre categories, or directly on the product. This way, you can keep your sales channels up to date in the most efficient way possible. Less time in management, more time to grow your business!
  • Intelligent process. By linking the Mercado Libre publication identifier in the WooCommerce product, the system automatically recognizes the category and basic data of the publication. This intelligent process greatly facilitates the linking between items, eliminating any stress or complications.

Moderations and Infractions Module

The Woomelly plugin has a Mercado Libre moderation module, which allows you to identify the causes and actions to be applied to the moderations and/or violations detected in the publications. All comfortably from the WooCommerce store. Among the available options, the following can be highlighted:

  • Consult the reason for Mercado Libre’s moderation. With our tool, you can easily check the reason for any Mercado Libre moderation. You have a complete list of moderations in your account, which you can filter by publication, date, or type of moderation. With this level of transparency, you will always be in control of what happens in your online store.
  • Actions to be carried out in the moderations. But that’s not all. In each moderation, we provide the cause and a possible solution to reverse the infringement imposed by Mercado Libre. Instead of letting moderations be an obstacle, we help you turn them into learning and growth opportunities.

Sales Module

The Woomelly plugin not only synchronizes products, it also allows you to replicate Mercado Libre orders as WooCommerce orders. Below are other functionalities:

  • Reduce stock on each sale. No matter where your sales are made, be it on Mercado Libre or WooCommerce, our tool takes care of keeping your item stock updated automatically. Forget about manual tracking and updates!
  • Fully configurable. You have the freedom to completely customize the tool to fit your needs. Show or hide the shipping cost and Mercado Libre commission on your orders, or even choose whether you want to omit orders that include Mercado Envíos Full.
  • Automatic updates. Depending on the shipping status in Mercado Libre, our tool automatically updates your order status in WooCommerce.
  • Upload invoices on orders. You can upload the invoices of your sales in PDF format directly from the WooCommerce order detail. It’s a simple process that saves time and allows your buyers to see the invoice on Mercado Libre.
  • Compatible with other modules. Our tool can identify if the order was received by Mercado Libre, Mercado Shops, Mercado Shops Guest, Catalog, or Supermarket.

Ratings Module

The Woomelly plugin allows you to replicate Mercado Libre sales (and publications) ratings as product ratings in WooCommerce.

  • Take advantage of the ratings of your sales and publications in Mercado Libre. Do you want to make the most of your sales ratings and publications on Mercado Libre? With our module, you can take those blue stars to WooCommerce and use them to increase customer trust and maximize your sales.
  • Manage replicated ratings. With our tool, you can not only display all replicated ratings, but you can also limit the number of ratings shown, or even hide those you prefer not to show in your store. You’re in control!
  • Optimize product SEO. Did you know that product reviews can boost your store’s SEO? By having reviews, you improve your store’s SEO and, additionally, help your buyers make an informed decision at the time of their purchase.

Post-Sale Messages Module

Yes, in some cases automatic post-sale messages are still possible in Mercado Libre, within the WooCommerce store. Automate customer service using:

  • Automatic messaging. Set up automated post-sale messages to be sent at key moments: upon receiving sales, upon completing sales, and upon canceling sales.
  • Automatic messaging for specific products. Do you have products that require a unique post-sale message? No problem! Our tool allows you to configure specific messages for certain products, which can be used to complement the general message or to completely replace it.
  • Send manual messages from the order chat. Each replicated order from Mercado Libre to WooCommerce comes with an integrated chat, allowing you to send post-sale messages directly to your customers. With our tool, keeping communication with your customers has never been easier.
  • Compatible with Mercado Envios moderations. If you receive orders with Mercado Envíos, which have moderation and pre-established communication templates, you can use these templates directly from the order detail.

Questions and Answers Module

Products, Orders, Ratings, Messages and even more? It’s right!. Since the Woomelly plugin also allows you to manage Mercado Libre questions and answers within the WooCommerce store. So take advantage of:

  • Replicate your questions and answers. Would you like to have all your question and answer information from Mercado Libre also in WooCommerce? With our tool, you can easily replicate all these details, and even configure if you want them to be displayed on the product as WooCommerce questions.
  • Optimize your SEO and help buyers decide. By including frequently asked questions and answers on your products, you not only optimize your store’s SEO, but you also provide essential information that helps customers decide. With fewer doubts, your customers will be more confident and ready to make a purchase. Help your buyers make informed decisions and watch your sales grow!

Buyer Block Module (blacklist)

And since the buyer blocking module could not be missing, the Woomelly plugin allows you to manage the blocking and unblocking of Mercado Libre buyers within the WooCommerce store for the Mercado Libre sales and questions modules. With this module you can:

  • Blocking for purchases and questions. Do you encounter difficult or inappropriate buyers in your Mercado Libre store? With our Woomelly plugin, you have the power to block these buyers both in the sales and questions section. Elevate your sales experience and keep your business free of hassles!
  • Full control of blocked users. Need to unblock a blacklisted buyer? No problem! Our tool allows you to unblock and re-block buyers as many times as necessary.

Size Guide Module

Do you sell clothes in Mercado Libre? Then with the Woomelly plugin you can do it. Since with it you can manage the size guides of Mercado Libre publications within the WooCommerce store. Allowing:

  • Management of size guides. Having trouble handling size guides in your store? Our tool allows you to list all existing size guides in your Mercado Libre account, create new ones or modify existing ones, and even assign them to products linked to your Mercado Libre publications.
  • Quick Assignment. Do it in an instant! With our tool, you can assign products individually or in bulk from your WooCommerce store. Save time and effort!
  • Recommendations for images in fashion publications. Want to ensure that your fashion publications are as appealing as possible? Our tool allows you to check which publications have image recommendations and provides you with actions to improve them.
  • Both versions available. We’re proud to say that our tool is compatible with all versions of Mercado Libre’s size guides. No matter which version you prefer, we’re here to meet your needs and make sure your store is up to date.

Mercado Libre Catalog Module

And as indicated above, the Woomelly plugin is 100% compatible with the Mercado Libre Catalog modality. In other words, you can manage Mercado Libre catalog publications within the WooCommerce store. As well as:

  • Synchronize all statuses. Would you like to have total control over what you sync? Our tool allows you to synchronize all the statuses of your publications: from catalog type publications to classic publications, with or without catalogs. You decide!
  • Allows access to the details of the publications. Get a comprehensive and detailed view of your publications. With our tool, you can easily validate the publications related to catalog publications, ensuring that all the details are in place and your publications are ready to attract customers.
  • Publish directly in the Mercado Libre catalog. Would you like to simplify the publishing process? Our tool allows you to publish directly to the Mercado Libre catalog, and even associate recommended publications to be published in the catalog, taking into account the data from traditional publications.
  • Catalog competition. Want to stay one step ahead of the competition? With our tool, you can know the current status of catalog competition with other sellers directly from the product detail. This allows you to make the relevant adjustments to ensure your product is at the top of the list. Take control and stand out in the marketplace!

Mercado Shops and Official Stores Module

The Woomelly plugin not only works for Mercado Libre, but also with Mercado Shops and with the official Mercado Libre stores. Allowing:

  • Publish and update items on Mercado Shops. Would you like to have the flexibility to publish on different sales channels according to your needs? With our tool, you can publish directly to Mercado Libre, Mercado Shops, or both channels, in an easy and effective way. Maximize your reach and increase your sales opportunities!
  • Customized Price and Free Shipping. Are you looking to have full control over your prices and shipping options? The Woomelly plugin allows you to set a custom price and disable the free shipping option only for Mercado Shops. This gives you greater flexibility and control over your offers, allowing you to adapt to the needs and expectations of your customers.
  • Replicates orders from Mercado Shops and Guest Mercado Shops. Do you want to simplify your order management? If you have the sales module active, our tool allows you to replicate orders from Mercado Shops and Mercado Shops Guest as WooCommerce orders. In addition, it provides a simple way to identify and filter these orders in your publication. Optimize your time and improve your order management with this feature.

Buy Now - Button on Mercado Libre Module

Do you want the customers of your store to know that you also sell on Mercado Libre? Woomelly has the solution: a button that redirects shoppers directly to Mercado Libre from your store. Some advantages of this service are:

  • Increased Audience Reach: By indicating that your products are already available on Mercado Libre, you are exposing your products to millions of potential users.
  • Brand Trust and Recognition: By associating with a well-known brand like Mercado Libre, you give shoppers a sense of security and legitimacy (earning extra points if you have a good track record on that platform).
  • Diversification of Sales Channels: By facilitating access to multiple sales channels, you protect yourself from any issues or drawbacks that may arise in one of them.
  • Established Mercado Libre Services: Mercado Libre offers consolidated and reliable services, which can be an additional attraction for those buyers already familiar with and trust them (e.g., Mercado Pago, Mercado Envíos, or the same Protected Purchases service).

Advanced Tools

Finally, the Woomelly plugin has advanced configuration and cleanup tools, which include:

  • Configuration Assistant. Forget about technical complications. Our user-friendly setup assistant will guide you step by step to achieve a perfect and optimized implementation of our tool. The result? Less time setting up, more time selling.
  • Mercado Libre Vacation Mode functionality. Need a break? Don’t worry. Our tool includes a feature that allows you to pause all your active Mercado Libre publications with a single click, giving you the freedom to take a breather without affecting your business. And when you’re ready to come back, one click is all it takes to resume your sales.
  • Summary of seller reputation. Data related to seller reputation, providing a window into the general metrics of the Mercado Libre account linked with the WooCommerce store.
  • Trends on Mercado Libre. Want to be a step ahead of the competition? Our Mercado Libre trends summary shows you the top-selling and most searched-for products by category, giving you a competitive edge and helping you make strategic decisions for your publications.

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