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Also, you have frequently asked questions and answers related to the Woomelly plugin

The tool works in all countries where Mercado Libre is available. The plugin does not have any restrictions regarding any country (except Mercado Libre CBT). It is important to clarify that to use this plugin, you simply need to have a registered account on Mercado Libre.

Currently, it does not, but we are working on developing a specific module for it. We invite you to click here to contact us and obtain more details about this feature.

Unfortunately, activating the Woomelly plugin does not automatically incorporate Mercado Envios or Mercado Pago as payment and shipping options in your store. To add Mercado Pago as a payment method, you need to download and install an additional third-party module specifically designed for this purpose.

Regarding Mercado Envios, it is important to note that this service only operates within the Mercado Libre environment and is not available for integration as a shipping method through the Woomelly plugin.

Currently, we have a demonstration store with some sample WooCommerce products linked to a trial Mercado Libre account in Argentina, so you can review the tool in detail. If you want to install the Woomelly plugin in your store, you need to purchase one of our licenses.

Contact us for more details.

Post-sales support provides assistance in resolving doubts and incidents related to the Woomelly plugin. We are available to address your inquiries via email, and our team can communicate in Spanish or English. It is important to note that post-sales support is only available to users with an active license.

For more detailed information, we recommend reviewing our Woomelly support policies by clicking on the following link: Woomelly Support Policies.

You only need a Mercado Libre account with administrator profile and a WordPress and WooCommerce environment (with minimum required versions).
For more details, you can refer to the Service Recommendations for Woomelly’s operation.

Yes, it is possible to manually synchronize both from WooCommerce to Mercado Libre and from Mercado Libre to WooCommerce. However, to achieve automatic synchronization, it is necessary to define one of the two available channels (either from WooCommerce or from Mercado Libre).

Yes, indeed, the Woomelly plugin has an option to apply price variations directly in the product details, by category, or in a general manner (for all products). Fixed values or percentages can be applied.

Yes, when a sale is received in Mercado Libre, it is replicated as an order in WooCommerce and the corresponding inventory (stock) is automatically updated. However, it is important to note that it is not possible to create orders directly in Mercado Libre (from WooCommerce). Regardless of the origin of the sale, the inventory will be reduced accordingly.

You can select the products to synchronize (it is not mandatory to synchronize all of them), and you can also choose which data to update (for example, if you only want to synchronize price and stock).

Plan S allows the linking of one (1) WooCommerce store with one (1) Mercado Libre account. On the other hand, Plan M allows the linking of up to five (5) WooCommerce stores with their respective Mercado Libre accounts. It is important to note that the functionality of adding multiple Mercado Libre accounts to a single WooCommerce store, or multiple WooCommerce stores to a single Mercado Libre account, is not available.

No, when the license expires, the connection between Mercado Libre and the WooCommerce store is lost. However, no listings on Mercado Libre or products in the WooCommerce store are deleted; only the data is no longer updated.

All prices of our licenses are reflected in US dollars (USD). However, if you are from Colombia, you can also pay in Colombian pesos (COP) since we are physically located in that country.

Yes, currently we guarantee that the plugin functions with a maximum of 5,000 items for Plan S and a maximum of 25,000 items for Plan M. These values are the ones with which we can ensure that the tool will perform well. It is assumed that for variable products, there is an average of fifty variations (50). Only simple and variable products with published or private statuses are synchronized (and in draft status with certain limitations).

Not at all. We extract data asynchronously, so we do not exert any pressure on your site at any time.

Some conditions apply. For more details, please refer to our Woomelly Refund Policies.

We are physically located in Colombia, so we can only issue electronic invoices in Colombian pesos (from Colombia). To request an invoice, please write an email to us at using the same email address that was used during the purchase.

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