Authorization of WooCommerce with Mercado Libre

In this article, we will explain to you how to carry out the authorization of WooCommerce with Mercado Libre using the Woomelly plugin for WordPress. First of all, it’s important to mention that Mercado Libre offers a Public API that allows access to certain features related to the Mercado Libre account and listings. An API is an application programming interface that provides a set of subroutines, functions, methods, and procedures to be used by other software.


→ Installation of the Woomelly plugin in your WooCommerce store
→ Authorization of your WooCommerce store with Mercado Libre
→ Unlinking your Mercado Libre account from your WooCommerce store
→ Additional Questions

Before you start

Not all information provided by Mercado Libre is public (in fact, it is only possible to consult certain listing information publicly). For the rest of the data, you need to have a dynamic access token and to get it you need an authorization process of the WooCommerce store with the Mercado Libre account you want to connect. This authorization requires a series of security requirements to safeguard the information of the involved Mercado Libre account.

Additionally, Mercado Libre recommends that applications be certified and centralized with them to comply with all security standards. The Woomelly plugin currently holds official certification in Mercado Libre Colombia 🇨🇴 and Mercado Libre Peru 🇵🇪. And although it is not certified in other countries (but is 100% operational), the applications are constantly monitored by the Mercado Libre team. We take the security of our customers’ information very seriously!

The Woomelly plugin service meets all the standards set by Mercado Libre (as well as WordPress and WooCommerce). That is why, it requires a few mandatory steps to be able to connect the WooCommerce store with the Mercado Libre account without violating their marketplace security policies. At the moment, only one (1) WooCommerce store can be connected with one (1) Mercado Libre account. We hope in the future, to be able to offer multiple accounts. The steps to follow are detailed below:

Installation of the Woomelly plugin in your WooCommerce store

The first thing is to install the Woomelly plugin with the WooCommerce plugin previously installed like any other WordPress plugin (i.e., from the store’s plugin manager). The Woomelly plugin requires the WooCommerce plugin to function. Therefore, you must have the WooCommerce plugin installed and configured before installing the Woomelly plugin. Make sure you have the latest version of the WooCommerce plugin installed.

Authorization of your WooCommerce store with Mercado Libre

This step is essential and mandatory to operate with the Woomelly plugin. It is carried out only once, since the access token renewals will be performed automatically. After this step, you can unlink the Woomelly plugin as many times as you need and link other accounts without problems. These steps will be sent by the Woomelly support team once you have acquired the service or as many times as you request the information through the support channels.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind the following points during the authorization process:

1. You must have a Mercado Libre account with an ADMINISTRATOR profile.

The user who logs into Mercado Libre must be an administrator so that the access obtained has the necessary permissions to make inquiries with the account. If the user is an operator or collaborator, the access will not be valid and you will not be able to use the tool. Also, any security change in the Mercado Libre account, such as changing the password, will cause the current authorization to be lost and you will have to go through the authorization process again.

2. If the Mercado Libre account is new and you wish to synchronize from WooCommerce to Mercado Libre, you must create a test publication directly from the Mercado Libre account.

If the Mercado Libre account is new and you wish to synchronize from WooCommerce to Mercado Libre, it is necessary to create a test publication directly from the Mercado Libre platform (without using the Woomelly plugin) to validate whether all the requirements to create publications in the store are met. Then, you can pause or end this test publication.

3. It is recommended to enable Mercado Libre’s IPs on the server where your store is hosted.

To avoid blocking issues with Mercado Libre, it is recommended to add Mercado Libre’s IPs to the whitelist of the server. Get in touch with your hosting provider’s support to request this configuration.

  • All IPs related to

Source: Connection/Blocking.

4. Scheduled tasks (WP Crons) must be active.

These can be the default scheduled tasks of WordPress (internal) or a scheduled task that is run from the server (external). The important thing is that this functionality is operational. If you are not familiar with scheduled tasks, we recommend you read the following article.

5. When authorizing with Mercado Libre, it is recommended to disable the server’s firewall if it has one.

Your WooCommerce store should not be in “Maintenance” or “Upcoming Launch” mode, as it needs to receive notifications from our intermediate system. Temporarily, you should disable maintenance mode, perform the authorization, and then re-enable it. However, subsequent notifications from the Woomelly plugin extensions could be affected.

If you find any errors during authorization (such as error 500, error 403, etc.), you should contact technical support, as some servers may block certain functions and it will be necessary to contact them to use the Woomelly plugin without problems.

Once your WooCommerce store has been authorized with Mercado Libre, it is time to properly configure the Woomelly plugin. To do this, we recommend you start with the advanced settings and then, depending on the type of synchronization you need and extensions you wish to activate, configure the rest of the many functionalities available in the Woomelly plugin.

If you wish to use another account or do not want to keep both stores connected for the time being, you can unlink the connection between your Mercado Libre account and WooCommerce. It’s important to note that this happens automatically if you deactivate the plugin from the WordPress plugin list.

To unlink your account, simply click on the red “Unlink” button that appears under Woomelly » Advanced Settings » Authorization with Mercado Libre. By doing this, your WooCommerce store will lose access to your Mercado Libre account. The current information will not be lost, only the connection will be lost and no changes will be made to the information. You can reauthorize the connection using our intermediate system and following the authorization steps we sent you by email.

Still have questions?

– My WooCommerce store automatically disconnected from my Mercado Libre account. Why did this happen?

Any changes made to the Mercado Libre or Mercado Pago account can affect the existing connection, such as resetting the password, requesting information from Mercado Libre, or making modifications to the phone or email. The solution is to reauthorize the Mercado Libre account.

– I get error 301, 404, 503, invalid data, etc. when trying to link. How can I solve this?

Make sure your store is not in “Maintenance” or “Upcoming Launch” mode or has an active firewall. Also, the URL must be identical to the one shown in Woomelly » Advanced Settings, with all characters correct. Also verify that your Mercado Libre account has ADMINISTRATOR profile.

If you are experiencing connection problems with Mercado Libre, try authorizing from another browser or in incognito mode. If the problem persists, contact technical support.

– I unlinked my store and connected it with another store, but I get errors when syncing. Why does this happen?

This occurs because the WooCommerce products may still be linked to the previous account. The unlinking process only cancels the previous authorization, however, the product configuration is maintained. If the same Mercado Libre account was not linked, it is necessary to reset the connection of the products.

– I followed all the connection steps and everything seems fine. However, in my WooCommerce store, the tool still appears unlinked. How can I verify what’s happening?

To verify this, directly check the Woomelly logs (Woomelly » Logs) and see if the following message appears:

Could not resolve host: or Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused

If you see this message, contact your hosting/server provider to enable communication from your WooCommerce store with the official Mercado Libre API. Also, make sure to enable the Mercado Libre IPs mentioned in this guide.

– Is this tool really certified by Mercado Libre?

Yes. The application is certified by Mercado Libre Colombia 🇨🇴 and Mercado Libre Peru 🇵🇪. Additionally, it is fully functional in all countries where Mercado Libre operates. We are currently working on expanding our certification in other countries.

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