Installation and Update of the Woomelly Plugin for WordPress

In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide on the installation and update of the Woomelly plugin for WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems used today, both in Latin America and worldwide, for website development. By combining it with the WooCommerce and Woomelly plugins, you can create a powerful e-commerce store with unlimited functionalities.


→ Steps for Installing the Woomelly Plugin for WordPress
→ Update of the Woomelly Plugin for WordPress
  ↳ Update of the Woomelly Plugin for WordPress (manual)
  ↳ Update of the Woomelly Plugin for WordPress (automatic)
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Steps for Installing the Woomelly Plugin for WordPress

The installation of the Woomelly plugin for WordPress is quite simple and follows the same steps as any other WordPress plugin for activation:

1. Go to the WordPress plugins list and click on the “Add New” button.

2. Next, select the “Upload Plugin” option and browse your computer for the file that you previously downloaded. If you already have the file in your WordPress plugins folder, simply locate it in the location where you saved it. Once found, select it.

3. Click the “Install” button to start installing the Woomelly plugin for WordPress.

4. Once the Woomelly plugin for WordPress is successfully installed, click the “Activate” button.

With these simple steps, you will have the Woomelly plugin installed in your WooCommerce store. Later on, you will need to authorize your WooCommerce store with Mercado Libre to enjoy all the functionalities of this tool. It is important to note that these same steps apply to the installation of any other WordPress plugin.

Update of the Woomelly Plugin for WordPress

There are two (2) ways to update the Woomelly plugin in your WooCommerce store: manual update, which involves replacing the existing information in the Woomelly folder using a content manager, and automatic update, which can be done from the WordPress plugins list. The latter is recommended, and for that, you need to enter the authorization code in the advanced settings of Woomelly.

Update of the Woomelly Plugin for WordPress (manual)

1. Using the content manager of your hosting provider (e.g., cPanel, FTP, or another option). Go to the folder of your WooCommerce store (…/wp-content/plugins/) and access that folder. You will find all the plugins of your store here, both active and inactive.

2. Upload the compressed file (.zip) to this location (the compressed file of the Woomelly plugin). It is important that you already have the compressed file in this location, as it will be necessary to replace the data in the following steps.

3. Delete the /woomelly/ folder. Another option is to compress it to make a backup copy, assigning it a name like “”. This way, you will have a backup of the previous version in case of any eventuality. The important thing is that at this point, the /woomelly/ folder does not exist.

4. Next, extract the (.zip) file of the Woomelly plugin in this location. This will generate the re-creation of the /woomelly/ folder that you just deleted. If it has a different name like /woomelly123/ or /woomelly224/, you should simply rename it to /woomelly/.

5. Done! If you have reached this point, you have replaced the previous version of Woomelly with the new one. Please note that by following these steps, you will not lose any internal settings.

It is not recommended to uninstall the Woomelly plugin from the WordPress plugins list, as it will result in the loss of the previous authorization with the Mercado Libre account. It is also not recommended to update it from the plugins list, as in the installation. You should perform the update directly from the server, whether through cPanel, FTP, or any other file manager, as this is how WordPress automatic updaters do it.

Normally, this option will be used if you have a temporary trial version to manage a support case or if you experience problems with the hosting provider that limit automatic updates.

Update of the Woomelly Plugin for WordPress (automatic)

From the WordPress plugins list, you can update the plugin version as if it were a free plugin from the WordPress repository. Before performing the update, it is important to review the changelog and, if you have any questions, contact Woomelly support through the available channels.

In addition, in the details of the Woomelly plugin, you will find a link where you can check if there is a new version available to update.

In the Woomelly » Advanced Settings » Security section, you will find a field to enter the update code.

It is important to note that you can configure the option to unlink upon uninstalling as “NO”, so that when you uninstall or deactivate the Woomelly plugin from the plugins list, the connection with Mercado Libre is not immediately lost (by default, this occurs). This is especially useful if you do not have access to your Mercado Libre account at that moment.

The update code will be sent to you by email whenever a new version of the Woomelly plugin is available. This will allow you to update automatically without manually replacing the folder.

Once you have installed the Woomelly plugin, the first step is to authorize your WooCommerce store with Mercado Libre to enable all the features of Mercado Libre in your store.

Still have questions?

– Where can I see the improvements incorporated in each version of the tool?

The improvements are sent by email with each update. You can also check the changelog at the following link: Changelog.

– I can’t find the field to enter the update code. How can I update?

This field is located in Woomelly » Advanced Settings » Security and has been incorporated starting from version v2.1.2 of the tool. If you have an older version, you need to perform a manual update and request the new version from support.

– When uninstalling the Woomelly plugin, does it remain linked and functioning in my store?

No WordPress plugin continues to function in the store once uninstalled. Woomelly, being a plugin within this environment, follows the same rule. That is, once uninstalled, all the functionalities of the tool will no longer be operational. We recommend this article for more information about WordPress plugins.

– I can’t find the Woomelly plugin in the store’s plugins list. Why?

The Woomelly plugin is a premium tool and, currently, there is no free version available on Remember that only free plugins that do not require a license to operate appear in that repository. We are working to offer a free and limited version of the tool in the future.

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