News Information on Woomelly for WordPress

This section has been designed to display all the current updates from Mercado Libre that are sent to sellers. These updates are available in the Sales > News section within the Mercado Libre account. In addition, this section also includes internal notifications related to the Woomelly plugin.


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News Information

By accessing the list of updates from Mercado Libre from the WooCommerce store, the seller can obtain all the current changes that Mercado Libre has implemented from the news section of their account. This provides a significant benefit, as the seller does not need to directly access the Mercado Libre account to be informed about the changes.

Furthermore, the Woomelly plugin adds internal notifications related to its operation, which is of vital importance to ensure optimal performance of the tool. This allows the seller to stay informed about all relevant updates and news without leaving their WooCommerce store.

News Information on Woomelly