Mercado Libre Moderations in Woomelly for WordPress

In this article, we’ll discuss the moderations module of Mercado Libre in the Woomelly plugin for WordPress. Did you know that just 10 infractions account for 80% of the moderations on Mercado Libre? If you want more information, we recommend reading the article Moderations on Mercado Libre: What are they and how to avoid them?. It’s important to note that no configuration is required in this module, as it is purely informational.


→ Infractions Inquiry (Moderations)

Infractions Inquiry (Moderations)

When you access the list of infractions, you can see all of Mercado Libre’s moderations that affect each of your publications. This list has filters to classify the infractions/moderations by type, group, date range, or Mercado Libre publication. Additionally, the reason for the infraction is indicated (with direct information from Mercado Libre) and in many cases, solutions are provided.

It’s important to point out that it’s the seller’s or store manager’s responsibility to ensure that no infractions occur on the Mercado Libre platform. If an infraction does occur, it’s crucial to apply corrective actions as soon as possible.

Moderaciones de Mercado Libre en Woomelly para WordPress

Again, we recommend reviewing and resolving any moderations that may arise to avoid any suspension of the Mercado Libre account. It’s also advisable to back up Mercado Libre publications in your WooCommerce store (synchronizing both platforms), so as not to lose that information which, at the end of the day, is one of the most valuable assets for your business.