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Version 2.1.2 of Woomelly for WordPress

We are pleased to announce that version 2.1.2 of Woomelly for WordPress is now available. In this new version we focus on incorporating some functionalities necessary for a better adaptation of the data of both WooCommerce and Mercado Livre. Here are the details of some of them:

Replicate the technical data sheets of Mercado Livre publications as product attributes in WooCommerce:

Your WooCommerce store requires several plugins for proper operation. One of the most important is the filter you have configured in your store. In general, filters work with WooCommerce categories and attributes to organize your products. That is why from this version you can replicate the technical sheets of your Mercado Livre publications as WooCommerce attributes in the Mercado Livre synchronizations to WooCommerce. You only need to activate the option and in the next synchronization you will be able to notice the changes.

Up to 3 features are allowed to load (depending on the Mercado Livre category) and the compatibility error shown above was fixed

Many WooCommerce categories allow you to load up to three (3) features to provide a 100% score on the publication. From this version you can configure from the detail of your WooCommerce product. It should be noted that this functionality already existed only that it limited to a maximum of two (2) characteristics. For more details go to this link.

At September, the titles of publications that have 20 sales or more cannot be modified

This modification of Mercado Livre has already been incorporated in previous versions but it is important to note that if the publication of Mercado Livre associated with the WooCommerce product has that amount of sales, the title will be omitted in the updates.

Adaptation of the measures to send the Mercado Livre synchronization to WooCommerce

When synchronizing from Mercado Livre to WooCommerce and selecting to replicate the dimensions of the shipment, grams (g) and centimeters (cm) are used as the format. This configuration is not always the case in WooCommerce. So an improvement was made in this version so that it will perform the conversion based on the format established in the WooCommerce store. In this way you will have real values ​​in the detail of your WooCommerce products.

Improvement in shipping cost information in the sales extension

If the sales extension is active, you may have noticed that the shipping price was not always set correctly (many times it was subtracted or added regardless of whether it was sent free or not). In this version an improvement was made to correctly calculate this value.

WooCommerce version 3.7.1 and 3.8 support

The plugin is compatible with the new version 3.7.1 and stable in the trial versions of the next version 3.8 of WooCommerce.

For more details you can write to the available support channels and we will answer all your questions.

Best regards!

@Ale at Woomelly