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Version 2.0.8 Woomelly for WordPress

In this new version we focus on solving and adapting several pending features that we detect thanks to the support provided to our customers. As well as some news that I include Mercado Livre recently. Below the detail of some of them:

Improvements in Image Management

In this new version 2.0.8 of Woomelly for WordPress we included two new improvements for the management of images that you can use to verify the failure of “images processing” of Mercado Livre.

Is there really an error?

Before you could not know if you really were in front of an error when publishing images in your publications and that they were being processed or simply it was a delay on the part of the Mercado Livre server. Now with this version you can validate this information with these steps:

(a). Go to the list of WooCommerce products.

(b). Select the product (s) you wish to examine.

(c). Select the massive action “Images with errors?” and run it.

Woomelly will examine your publication and let yoy know if it has or does not have errors. If you do not have errors, you should wait a few minutes (maybe hours) for Mercado Livre to finish processing the images. On the other hand if you have errors you can do the following:

Resend images to Mercado Libre

When entering the product detail, just above the Synchronize button from WooCommerce to Mercado Livre you will find a field where you can resubmit the images or omit them. You just have to select one of the options and synchronize. If your posts have errors try to resend the images again and ask if they have errors or not. In the case that you keep presenting errors you should contact support through the corresponding channel.

Re-publish function

The option to re-publish publications was activated again. To do this you must enter the WooCommerce product detail and select the re-publish option (it is important to note that this publication must be closed in Mercado Livre). Save the data and then synchronize. The Woomelly plugin will re-publish your product and the old code assigned by Mercado Livre will be replaced by the new Mercado Livre code. Applies for simple products as for variable products.

Mapping / List of attributes of WooCommerce with those of Mercado Livre from the connection template

Previously the only way to relate the attributes of WooCommerce with those of Mercado Livre to create variable publications was the product detail (enter variation by variation). Now we offer the option from the connection template. It is important to note that it will apply only where the Mercado Livre category is mandatory. In case it is optional if you must enter the product detail so that you can set a correct assignment and even use custom attributes and values. Before using this option it is important that you run the “Field Repair” found in Woomelly >> Settings >> Repair. You just have to press the button to give more capacity to the fields of the connection template and then perform the mapping / relationship indicated above.

Customer billing address information

Now you can activate if you want the billing address to be the customer’s address and not the default “Default address”. This will apply for sales with or if shipments. To activate it go to Sales Extensions and you will find the new field.


The Mercado Livre team activated the recategorization through the API, so we incorporated it. It is important to point out that previously this could not be done and if you wanted to change the category of any of your products you had to do it from the Mercado Livre interface. Now you can change connection templates and modify the category associated with Mercado Livre publications. Sure, with certain limitations such as if you already have sales you can not do it. For more detail it is important that you go to the Help section >> Modify publications in your country.

Pause publications with products in draft status or pending publication

Now if your product was active in Mercado Livre but passed to draft or pending publication in WooCommerce, it will be paused in Mercado Livre and once it is published again it will be activated in Mercado Livre. It is important to note that it applies for the next synchronizations from WooCommerce to Mercado Livre. It is not an automatic change.

Woomelly now supports the WOO PRODUCT BUNDLE plugin for product combos

Previously you could send this type of WooCommerce product to Mercado Livre creating simple publications but if you received sales they did not replicate correctly since the detail of the related products was not placed in the WooCommerce order. This is already adapted and when an order is created in WooCommerce with a bundle product, inventory of the related products in this combo is created and reduced (as long as they are previously connected, otherwise the inventory reduction will not be applied).

Omit Mercado Livre sales taxes

Previously it was mandatory that the Mercado Livre  tax appear as a line in your sales. You can now skip it from Sales Extensions. There you will find the field to activate or deactivate this functionality.

Improvement with tax prices

If you work with taxes in your WooCommerce store, an improvement was made as to how the price was being sent. Previously it was not taken into account how it would appear in your store (with or without IVA) now it is sent as shown to your customers. If you have active tax it is important to communicate with support for more details of it before updating to this new version.

New post-sales automatic messages label {new_message}

With this new tag you will be able to send your content in another post-sales automatic message (they are those that appear in Extensions >> Sales). Previously it was limited to 3,500 characters per message. This limitation continues but now you can send content in other messages and in this way you will not be limited if you need content that exceeds that many characters. For example

“contenidouno contenidouno contenidouno contenidouno {new_message} contenidodos contenidodos contenidodos”

Your client will receive a first message with this text “content one content one content one” and another with this text “content content content”. It is important to note that soon changes will come with this resource which will limit you very much. We will be informing you.

Free Shipping Price Range

Previously the product was sent with free shipping regardless of the price of the products. Now you can limit this functionality with WooCommerce product price (it should be noted that it is the price at which you will publish in Mercado Livre not the price you have directly in WooCommerce) and whether or not it has market shipments. That is, if you place for example the value 19900 in the field, all products with a price less than that amount will have shipments on behalf of the customer (not free) and if it has a price equal to or greater than 19900, they will have free shipping. If you leave it blank it will be free regardless of the price (and of course if you have the option of free and if you use shipping). Only applies when you are going to synchronize from WooCommerce to Mercado Livre.

Report response time

Mercado Livre incorporated an improvement in the response time of your Mercado Livre account. It works in the following way and it should be noted that this report is directly provided by Mercado Livre:

(to). You have a general indicator of response time. This represents the average response time of the vendor, without considering time slots (ie, all the hours including the questions from 0 to 9 hs that do not fall into any of the other periods) and only the data of the last 14 are considered. days without periods.

(b) You have an indicator of the average response time of the seller during working hours on business days (Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.). In addition, it allows you to visualize the percentage of projected sales that the seller can have if it is answered in less than 1 hour (this only applies if the response time exceeds 1 hour in this period).

(c). You have an average response time indicator on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Similarly, it allows you to see the percentage of projected sales that the seller can have if it is answered in less than 1 hour (this only applies if the response time exceeds 1 hour in this period).

(d). The average response time of the seller during non-working hours on business days (Monday to Friday, from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm). Similarly, it allows you to see the percentage of projected sales that the seller can have if it is answered in less than 1 hour (this only applies if the response time exceeds 1 hour in this period).

The average is considered for each of the aforementioned periods, contemplating the last 14 days of questions and using the first question that a buyer asked about a publication. The unanswered questions will be considered answered when calculating the response times, with a cap of 1 week. Example: If we have an unanswered question for 4 days, it will be considered that there is a question that was answered in 4 days and the next day 5 days.

Version 2.1.0

We started working on the version 2.1.0 with which we think to include the functionality of being able to publish and manage several publications in the same product as well as some simple labels that you can use to respond quickly and even automatically to the questions from the extension of questions and answers. The upgrade date will be in August but we will keep you updated on the progress of it.

Best regards!

@Ale at Woomelly